Hometown: Sydney Australia and Tuxedo NC, USA


  • Three Time World Cup Champion

  • Over 10 National Championships

  • Head Coach of Australian Freestyle Kayak Team

  • ICF Freestyle Committee

  • ICF Athlete Representative

  • Little Shredders Team Manager

  • Announcer for World Championships

  • Australian National Whitewater Raft Team

  • Creator and Director of HUCK Expedition Programs

  • First descents in America and Australia

  • Director of Paddling Falling Creek Camp

  • Chairman of Australian Freestyle Committee 

With his iconic Australian helmet, jez has traveled the world instructing and competing for decades.  His adventures continuously traveling between the northern and southern hemispheres have seen him have over 30 summers in a row. Jez has been on the Jackson Kayak Team since it’s inception and an athlete on the  Australian freestyle kayak team since 2004. Jez has the ultimate lifestyle. As well as being one of the top athletes, coaches and announcers in the sport, Jez is also a full time Riot Police Office. when he is not kayaking and saving the world he can be found flying of the coast of Australia as he is also a qualified Paragliding pilot.

Why Jez Loves Kayaking: Jez is passionate about kayaking and loves all kinds of boating including K1, C1, OC1, play boating, river running and creek boating. After eight years of seasonally teaching paddling he turned his focus on teaching for Jackson Kayak on the road and is now considered one of the worlds best whitewater instructors. with his own unique style he has developed techniques that have become the industry standard. He has instructed thousands of kids through his programs of which numerous participants have gone on to represent USA and Australia in Freestyle Kayaking.

As an instructor first he unselfishly has a passion for teaching the next generation of whitewater enthusiasts. His program at Falling Creek has seen him lead kids on expeditions all over the world. he has lead expeditions in Costa Rica, where the group hiked to a river using donkeys, Canada, where the group travelled in on float planes to the very remote Magpie River, as well as expeditions in Colorado, Idaho and the USA South East.

Jez has created hundreds of instructional whitewater videos that teach everything from the basics to advanced playboating via the Playboating Bible, instructional DVD’s and his youtube channel.

With the help of Claire O’Hara and Jackson Kayak he has helped create Paddle Education website www.paddleeducation.com

“Boating is a big part of my life. It completes me. I learned how to paddle from my Sensei Leland Davis in 1999 and never looked back. I like to think of paddling as a very dynamic sport, unlike most other sports, a day on the river is always different; the water levels are different; your lines are different; rocks are continually moving and change the river; the scenery is continually changing. Paddling is such a special sport that has changed my life for the better and I do what I can to help the next generation of paddles to experience what I have. As a famous boater once said, the world would be a much better place if everyone in it paddled.”


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